Supporting the Path to Independence

Together with you, we've got this.

We offer comprehensive consulting services and project management focusing on business start-ups and practice resets for Financial Advisors. We understand the hard work the path to independence presents, and our commitment is to be the business owner's partner in helping them achieve success.

Are you a Financial Advisor transitioning to independence?

Congratulations on starting your own business! Maybe that seems funny to hear as you've been running a practice with your clients for so long and so successfully. But owning your business and having control of your operations, expenses, company direction, growth and succession is exhilarating! Oh, it comes with its share of challenges as does everything in life, but they are small in comparison to the rewards you will experience.


What We Do

Our goal as partners is to guide you through the process of establishing business operations and the various options and solutions for the issues you will face. It is not intended to be all inclusive nor to direct you to a particular solution. You should select the optional solutions that best meet your needs and those of your business operations in the community where you are planning to operate. 


The process of transition to independence and owning your own business likely seems overwhelming, but that is just because it's new. Many start-up items are ‘one and done’ in nature, and others are outsourced. None of this is difficult but it is important. Not to worry, BTS will guide you through it and soon it will all be second nature to you.


What is the most important aspect of this transition? The answer is simple and easy: your clients. Starting a new business is exciting and rewarding; however, it is all for nothing if your clients don’t feel they are at the forefront of your decisions. We will continue to revisit this notion. What really matters is your clients, and their perspective must permeate every decision you make.