Can Personality Tests Really Help Me Get To Know My Team?

Personality tests (actually I think I prefer the word assessment, seems less scary!) can seem daunting and maybe even dull and procedural. What do they even tell us? Well...they can tell us a lot about a colleague’s communication style, how they prefer to receive feedback, and even how to potentially adapt your attitude when working with someone who might have a personality that clashes with yours.

By learning about your colleague’s strengths and weaknesses from an objective assessment-based perspective, you can better understand why they work the way do. And they can better understand why you work the way you do. Are you a really decisive, quick to answer communicator? Or are you a think-on-it to gather your thoughts and answer when you have it all organized communicator? We have all been in a situation where we assume the person we are working with communicates just like us, but then you are alarmed to get immediate responses on everything you ask and feel rushed to take action yet again! Or you find yourself waiting, waiting, and waiting some more for a response to the email you sent 45 minutes ago. We need to have reasonable expectations for one another. But what if no one sets expectations?? Cue the personality assessment (see, doesn’t that sound much more approachable?).

Personality assessments are undoubtedly a useful tool for helping shape an effective and efficient team. How do you know which assessment will be the best fit for your team? Here is a quick rundown of three assessments that can break it all down for you. Ranging from extremely thorough to just surface level.

16Personalities A Myers-Briggs approach, one of the oldest tests out there. It is a classic that provides insights into general strengths and weaknesses, desires and ambitions, communication styles, how people perceive you, and how you see the world. You take a 7-10 minute survey and then receive a full description of your personality type. Cost: free!

The 5-Minute Personality Test This is speedy! Just fill out the worksheet and simply add up the numbers to figure out which letter represents your natural workplace strengths, weaknesses, and how you will respond in most situations. Cost: Free!

DiSC Assessment The DiSC assessment determines where you lie on four DiSC factors -- dominance, influence, steadiness, and compliance. It is one of the most popular options out there, and it offers extensive detail. It asks you to complete a series of questions and then provides you a full PDF report (upwards of 30 pages) on your behavior and personality. Cost: $64.50 per test.

Have fun understanding and being understood!

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