How Do You Know If You Need A Conference Call Service?

At BTS, we’re all about communication; both with our clients and internally. Because we do so much communicating, we want to have the best system in place for effective and efficient calls. For us, that’s using a dedicated conference line that allows us to call in to a predetermined phone number with access code. Unsure if you really need to invest in a conference calling resource? No problem, answer the questions below to get a better understanding of what might work best for you and your team.

Remember there’s no one size fits all solution. Even if your answers tell you one thing, you may need to do the opposite. The above information is intended to be a guide to help you determine what will work best for your business!

Unsure if you are ready to commit? Here are several free conference calling resources to get you started:

1. Uber Conference: best for startups that want to hold smaller conference calls with up to 10 people.

2. Free Conference Call: best for businesses that need a comprehensive free conference call service.

3. Google Hangouts: works great for companies that use G suite and want to sync communication across devices.

4. Zoom: best for businesses that want a robust video conference service with a powerful mobile app.

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