Setting Up Your Office Desk For Success

Your office is such an important part of your business. It’s where you’ll spend lots of time and develop many great ideas. Such an important space deserves a desk that will aid you in your success! But like most other office decisions, there are many options to choose from, which can lead to feeling overwhelmed. If you’re looking for an office desk on your own, or working with BTS to find one, think about your answers to the following three questions.The answers will help guide you to the best office desk(s) and storage for you and your employees:

Q1: How much surface space do you need?

Well, that all depends on how much stuff you keep on and in your desk! Take a minute to think about your current office desk.

a) Is it full of papers and files?

b) Do you have multiple monitors or a large desk phone?

c) Do you often print documents that need to be easily viewed while you're working on a computer?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, think about investing in a ‘U’ shaped desk. These larger, ‘U’ shaped curved desks create lots of space to lay out all your current work so you can view it at once. However, they can be expensive. If a ‘U’ shaped desk is not in your budget, consider an ‘L’ shaped desk. While a bit smaller, it will still get the job done. ‘L’ shaped desks can also be placed into office corners to make the most of your space. On top of offering surface space and increasing the use of general office space, both ‘U’ shaped and ‘L’ shaped desks may also offer more storage space!

Q2: How much storage space do you need? As mentioned above, an ‘L’ shaped desk may offer additional storage space for your office with built in drawers or storage for files versus more of an executive style desk with limited storage. But when working within the parameters of a budget, it's always a win to find something that can be used for multiple purposes. If you can make an 'L' shaped desk work for both your office

desk and your storage space that’s great! HOWEVER, if you find yourself needing a little extra storage space but don’t want to fork over the cash for that large of a desk, consider the more simple, executive desk plus a standalone filing cabinet. Which can be purchased to provide that additional storage space PLUS create a little more surface space (especially if it is a lateral cabinet). Another great option for a multi-purpose office item!

Q3: Do you want the ability to stand? A study completed by the CDC found that employees who moved from a standard sitting desk to a standing desk had a significant decrease in back and neck pain in just 4 weeks. While not needed in an office, employees may enjoy a standing desk and the empowering ability to choose when they’d like to sit vs. when they’d like to stand. Standing desks have also been found to possibly lower blood sugar levels, increase energy levels, boost productivity, and improve mood ( I personally prefer a sit-to-stand desk. I like to come in to the office in the morning and stand up. It keeps me awake and definitely boosts my energy levels! If I’m on a phone call with a client I also like to stand. It’s nice to keep the blood flowing in my legs, and I can move around a little bit while I talk. When I’m typing or researching something I prefer to sit down and have a bit more gounding. My favorite part of the sit-to-stand desk is that I get to choose! Sometimes I feel like sitting, sometimes I don’t. Having a desk that lets me do both is perfect for me.

Once you know the desk you'd like to have in your office you are well on your way to establishing a full and successful office. Now it's time to decorate! Check out our blog on office decor for tips on how to liven up your new space.

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