How Do I Know If I Need A Conference Room?

Conference rooms are a great space to meet with clients, discuss current projects and brainstorm new ideas! They can help positively represent your business to clients and build a sense of community among employees. But setting up a conference room can be quite an investment. So, how do you know if you need a conference room?

Does a conference room make sense for my business? According to Robin Powered, a leading company in meeting spaces and office structures, a business should have, on average, one conference room for every 10-20 people. Keep in mind, that’s on average. Your business, however, isn’t average. And deciding if you need a conference room or not shouldn’t be based on a statistic. If you have clients coming in to the office for meetings on a regular basis then it might make more sense for you to have a designated meeting space. And ideally it will be one that can be shared among multiple employees!

But how can you stay organized so it doesn’t get double-booked? Set up a calendar specifically used for reserving the meeting space. It can be as simple as utilizing a public calendar that shows the entire team when the conference room is booked or available so everyone can appropriately plan ahead.

What do you need in your conference room? The ideal conference room is much more than just a table and chairs! Think of the conference rooms you have been in that felt professional and put together. They likely included a nice table and full set of chairs, a screen of some sort for presentations and screen sharing, a phone for conference calls, a white board, photos or paintings, or potentially plants to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. While you do not need all of these things to have a conference room that adds value, they are worth considering in your budget. It can’t hurt to shop around for the furnishings before making a decision, it’s good to be prepared for the full price tag.

But what if a conference room is not in your current budget or real estate plans? Don’t fret, there are plenty of other options for a meeting space. Many local coffee shops, restaurants, community centers, hotels, etc. will rent their meeting rooms for a reasonable price. And most allow you to book online! Sometimes meeting outside the office can be a nice change of scenery, too!

With so many different options for a conference space, take some time to think about what works best for your business! No one knows your business better than you. Maybe the right solution is a conference room and maybe it's just utilizing your individual offices and renting meeting rooms elsewhere. As consultants, we are here to guide you through the process and present all of the options. We can research conference room furnishings and/or work with you to find community spaces to rent. As your partner in this adventure, we are excited to help you find the best solutions for your unique business.

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