Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Plan


Disaster Recovery


A fire sweeps through the business next to yours. Smoke and water damages your business and renders your equipment and space unusable. A storm hits your community and high winds damage your building and space. Someone breaks into your office and steals your computers, copier and company checks. A computer virus infects your network and PC’s and your information is lost, your access is stymied.


How do you recover from any of these and other business disruptions? How do you take care of your employees? What’s the first thing you should do? And, what should you have done to prepare for such disasters?


Every business, not just independent financial advisory practices, should prepare and plan for such occurrences. It’s good business for you as the owner, for your employees, and for your clients. And most Broker Dealers require you to have such a plan in place.


Business Transition Solutions can help you address these situations by creating a plan to help your business recover as quickly as possible allowing you to take care of your clients and function until business operations return to normal.


BTS’s Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Plan 


Construction of your Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Plan (EPRP) begins with information gathering via a Census you can work on as you have time. Our advisors will be available to answer your questions and guide you on recording the correct information needed.  Once the information is gathered, BTS will collate the appropriate data in an EPRP document.  Ostensibly, this document is for you to provide to your Broker Dealer. However, it is also for you to have a centralized master for updating.  This document also includes “Check Points” that give context as to why certain items are so important to the protection of your company.


The crux of any Action Plan is accessibility and ease of use. The EPRP also includes step by step instructions with contact information for each of four business disruptions; Cyber Attack, Loss of Facilities, Death of a Member, and Theft/Vandalism. These are intended for you to share with key employees and providers and the Action Plans should be kept within easy reach.


All of this will be provided to you in hard copy, electronically and on a BTS flash drive so you will have many ways of being able to access the information.


Why is the EPRP not part of the BTS Continuity Plan?


It can be. But our contention is (and confirmed by the Broker Dealers we work with) that a partnership’s Operating Agreement and Buy/Sell agreement should contain the appropriate information to provide for continuity of operation and the sale of the business affected if necessary. What those agreements are missing, however, is a disaster recovery program. There is no need for a business to pay for something they don’t need. And so, BTS has created meaningful and useful programs for business owners. We aren’t interested in our clients paying for something that does little more than just checks off a box.


The cost for this program is $575 payable upon completion of your Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Plan.   (Payable by check or credit card.)


Getting Started


Please reach out to us to discuss your needs for an Emergency Preparedness & Recovery Plan.