Succession Planning

What are your goals as you prepare to exit the practice you built? Typically clients tell us they would like to make sure their employees are rewarded and their future with the business is assured. Exiting advisors also care deeply about their clients and they want to make sure they are properly served. Many advisors want to transition slowly into the next phase of their lives and have flexibility with their work schedules. And obviously, financial considerations are an important part of the plan.

When Should You Begin Creating Your Exit Strategy?

This question is much like the "When should you begin saving for retirement?” question financial advisors work on with their clients. Six years is the rule of thumb for most transitions, but there are many factors to consider. Just as younger investors can afford to have a little more risk with their investment choices, younger business owners should develop an understanding of how to build a practice with maximum value potential at the time of their exit. Likewise, more mature investors typically lean toward protecting their nest egg. The business owner who is closer to retirement should focus more on protecting, planning, and positioning to successfully fulfill succession goals. 


Why Business Transition Solutions for your Succession Planning?

It’s about listening. How can you possibly help others if you don’t listen to them? Yet, most firms don’t. Our process is built around talking with you and learning about your business, your goals and your expectations. Our program is created to meet those needs and to present options to stimulate your thinking and help crystalize your vision.


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