Do You Have a Strategic Growth Plan?

As time goes on with our businesses, the tendency is to settle into a routine and too often we get away from the activities that built the business to begin with. Likewise, there can be a void of fresh ideas and techniques. The point is, we all could stand to hit the refresh button occasionally, allowing us to take a critical look at how we are doing things and set a course correction that will yield higher returns, free us up from monotony, and build the equity in our business at an accelerated rate. 

BTS consults and coaches on:

Growth Strategies

  • Acquisitions

  • Organic growth

  • Recruiting strategies

  • Practice philosophies

  • Protecting your business

Business Operations

  • Review of business practices and expenditures

  • Vendor and provider review

  • Processes and procedures analysis

Why BTS?

The BTS team has experience in managing business operations and strategic growth initiatives for business owners, but the real advantage BTS brings is a fresh perspective of techniques and practices that work across all industries. We can help give you an edge without the cliche teachings of industry specific coaches.


BTS charges at an hourly rate so you get as little or as much direction and coaching as you want and need.

To learn more about BTS's Strategic Growth and Business Consulting services, please contact us at

Together with you, we've got this.