Continuity Planning


Entrepreneurs  --  We build our businesses through our vision, laser-like focus, commitment and hard work -- every day. We create success. Our businesses thrive because of us -- the owners. But, what happens to our businesses, to our clients, and to our employees when we are suddenly gone? What is the plan to protect the value of our business for our families? A Will transfers ownership. The Buy/Sell section of the company’s Operating Agreement only sets the terms of a sale as it defines a ‘qualifying” or “triggering” event. What about the actual perpetuation of the business that protects the clients, employees, estate, and the value of what you have built?


What is a Continuity Plan?


A Continuity Plan (CP) is a document that provides direction and specific instructions for the business and owner’s loved ones at such time the owner is no longer able to participate in business operations. The CP should also address communications and operating contingencies for disruptions in business operations and disaster recovery.


A meaningful CP should accomplish the following:


  1. Name who will run or perhaps purchase the business in your absence

  2. Designate who your loved ones should consult with during the transition (your Contingency Team)  

    • CP Consulting contact

    • Continuity partner  (designated manager or buyer)

    • Broker Dealer contact

    • Attorney

    • CPA

    • Insurance Agent

    • Banks

    • IT Tech firm

  3. Instructions for obtaining a Valuation 

  4. Communication to your Contingency Team

  5. Templates for communicating to your clients (Compliance approved by your Broker Dealer)

  6. Guidance on communicating to and reassuring employees

  7. A list of all service providers with contact information

  8. A checklist for your successor to follow to reach out to providers and how to interface with your Contingency Team

  9. Create a plan for communicating with clients including order taking

  10. Outline continued funding options

  11. Site options for temporary operations should your facilities become unavailable to you

  12. Annual review of your CP with your Continuity Planning consultant with distribution of updates to your Contingency Team

BTS consults with business owners to guide them through the decisions necessary to create a meaningful plan or adopt their Operating Agreement & Buy/Sell Agreement  to accomplish the FINRA requirements of providing for the continuity of their practice and operations in the event the owner can no longer participate in their business.

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